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Deleted BUG Report?


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I am looking to Upgrade my uTorrent to the Plus version...

However while poking around in uTorrent,

I want to know what all the Flags mean.

I clicked on the Help tab and selected "uTorrent FAQ"

it directed me to this website and the question I wanted answered is a dead link.

So I posted this in the BUG Report section (don't know where else to post it).


Not sure where to post this information...

On this Website under "Help", "FAQs"

Frequently Asked Questions

- What do all these BitTorrent terms mean, such as seeder, snubbed, etc?

See BTFAQ.com's Definitions of BitTorrent Terms <----- Dead Link

I apologize if this is in the wrong place.




20 minutes later, it was just deleted without an answer.

I hope this is not the customer support offered with Utorrent-Plus

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