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help huge problem


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HelloMy utorrent wont download at all I tryed Everything ive tryed manualy set my setting and i tryed automatic.when i tell it to do it automaticly it just Closes utorrent without an error or notice. i wont download at all sometimes it says everythings ok but theres no download and i check the torrent have peers and all

and i Forwarded a port to utorrent all the time nothing works i took off all Firewall All on my pc and

on my Router Didnt help Neither i Tryed Restarting and also Resetting my router and it didnt help

i Restartet my pc 500 times didnt help i tryed reinstalling utorrent didnt help neither nothing works

i checked videos on youtube and copyed their utorrent settings and it didnt help neither help me

nothing works

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