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Error: Cant open .torrent


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Hello Everyone. I have been using uTorrent for about the last year or so but for the last 3 months I havn't been able to use it. I havn't done anything about it for about 10 weeks until now I realize I can't live without my uTorrent abilities. It was running perfectly fine until my torrents stopped downloading one day out of nowhere. I wasn't sure what the problem was so I kept trying to download different torrents and still none of them worked, the only thing I could do was seed them. I did a system restore on my computer (HP Pavillion g7-1167dx Notebook with Windows 7) and after that it still did not work and on top of that, all of my files seem to not work anymore. In uTorrent they all say "Error: Can't open .torrent". I HAVE ALSO TRIED BITTORRENT AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED. When I try to open the torrent it opens the file's folder like normal, but now it only has a sytem information file and a SRT file. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to torrents and stuff so I need some serious help. I don't really care if I lose all my files, I can download them again if thats what it takes but I just want to be able to download torrents again

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