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Getting higher speeds in wifi than in LAN... but only in uTorrent!


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Before anything: I've been around computers for 20 years, albeit I'm no technician I consider myself "power-user". Now for the issue at hand:

I'm quite stunt!!!. I've got a 50Mb FTTH line and when using uTorrent I'm getting higher speeds via my wifi connection (up to 2.5Mb) than on my LAN line (Atheros L1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Controller) where I only get 200-300 kbps DOWNLOADING EXACTLY THE SAME STUFF!!!

Before writting here I've done each and all imaginable tests there are:

YES, when connected via LAN the 'speed test' of my FTHH line confirms 50000kbps/5000kbps speeds and I get up to 5Mb downloading speeds when direct downloading, but when using uTorrent I only get 200-300 kbps

YES, I've also checked the connection status in Windows7 to confirm that the speed connection between my PC and the modem is indeed 1Gb (see Atheros above), so I can safely discard any cable/controller issue.

YES, I know that connected via WiFi I get a 30-40% reduction on the above speed due to interferences (and the modem). Yet I get 2.5Mb when downloading that same stuff with uTorrent.

YES, I've double-checked that both connections are configured via DHCP and everything else is exactly the same.


I'm puzzled!. I don't understand what can be happening and much less what can I do to sort this out...

anyone with a sensible idea on what else can I check? or with a theory on what must be happening?

Thanks a lot.

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UPDATE: it seems to be related to the stinky Atheros card... I'm running W7 64bits and I've seen many people complaining about the unavailability of a proper 64b driver for this card.

For info:

Gonna spare you the technical mumbo-jumbo... those having older ASUS mobos like me (ASUS M3A, with Atheros card on the board) check this: http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/5787-problems-atheros-l1-ethernet-adapter-win7-x64-4.html. Among other things, I turned off the Flow Control parameter and got a jump in uTorrent from 200-300kbps to 1.5Mb... not 'that' much taking into account I should be getting 5Mb as per my FTTH line, but still...

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