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Non-torrent connections to various servers


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uTorrent 3.1.3 b27120 automatically and silently connects to several internet addresses before any torrents are loaded. One or more are for DHT.


update.utorrent.com - With "Check for updates automatically" disabled, connecting to *.utorrent.com is improper. I understand no private data is being sent, and even optionally sending "detailed information" is "anonymous".

dht01.utorrent.com - Retrieving the initial "bootstrap" to the DHT network. Seems necessary.

hosted.by.pacificrack.com - I don't know. "Pacific Rack" is a hosting company in Los Angeles. Google will give alarming results, but anything can be hosted at a hosting company by different organizations. Appears to be DHT, a host for router.utorrent.com

rocky.lapsus.org - I don't know. Transmission users report seeing *.lapsus.org, maybe DHT.

*.sjc.linw.net:80 - I don't know. uTorrent will continue to try connecting here with DHT disabled and Featured Content hidden.


This is NOT any accusation. Nearly every Windows program I have now connects home to provide developer information or services to the user, even opensource programs. uTorrent is a distributed-P2P program, so it'll make more connections. I AM having trouble keeping track of uTorrent's attempts, and I'm dazzled by new features like uTorrentPlus-Upgrade and Featured Content and Feeds and Devices and Search and uninstall survey. They seem like good features, and the uTorrent team seems responsible, but I'm bewildered. I prefer a traditional BT client.

There's several posts elsewhere mentioning confusion about these connections, so I figured a post here might be a good reference.

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