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Recovering A Torrent

Fake Foolio

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First off, I know about migration but I don't think it helps in this scenario. Hopefully you guys can help. What happened to me was that I was downloading a file & was near completion. uTorrent crashed & it wiped out everything I was downloading at the time. I had 11 downloads, 5 were seeding, 6 were downloading. I was able to reacquire the original torrents to resume, for all but 1. Apparently although people had still been seeding, sharing, downloading this 1 particular file, the original .torrent had been removed from it's original site. & no other sites had the same torrent. I still have the incomplete files but was wondering I can I resume it without the .torrent? Is there a log that I can access or can I just do something with the file to maybe have it read & scan where it can continue from? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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