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µTorrent 3.3 beta


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Upon opening 3.3 (28164), it lags and hangs off and on as it's loading up all of my torrents (~2000, a couple of which are queued to be checked due to a 3.2 crash). Not sure how to help debug why it's going non-responsive on me...

Stopping the torrents that need re-checking, then re-starting them individually, so only one torrent is queued for checking at any one time, cured the "Not Responding" that occured for me with 3.2 on an all too frequent basis.

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µTorrent alpha (3.3 build 28203).exe

Installed over the top of:

µTorrent alpha (3.3 build 28146).exe

Lost all torrents, settings, user interface etc.

Re-Installed µTorrent alpha (3.3 build 28146).exe & everything is back, whew! No crashes etc. Have to exit & restart once in a while to get some torrents working.

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As i have seen utorrent 3.3 does not show flags even you set true peer resolve country it will be nice if you add a new flags of country.because many new countries became have now internet facilities. so utorrent does not show flags of whose countries in utorrent 3.2.2.for example like philippines etc.because i like flags thanks :D:D:D:);)

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- Change: Remove torrent filter, put it in the Search Box. Select "Filter My Torrents" in dropdown.

I don't like mixing features. You dinf yourself limitted to using one *or* the other. I like this one better:

- bigger

- better possitions

- separated


Separation of search and filter to be able to do both concurrently.Example: leave the filter active all the time...

my 2 cents...

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its still too slow multi-thread optimization is lack luster at best. X64 please.

So far only noticed one small problem besides its still bogging down. When I move the download location it deleted my old location and copied files but they are missing or incomplete files might also be from the bog down of utorrent though as im trying to seed stuff....

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