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µTorrent 3.3 beta


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Would anyone else be interested in the feature of setting upload and download rates for specific labels?

Yes, sure. And not only for labels but the global one. Because it seems that last alpha build doesn't limit upload rate at all, so my outgoing traffic has reached 900 Gb :mad:

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Does µT 3.3 b27454 have any sort of write caching enabled? When downloading, µT writes on the hard drive all the time and I don't see anything much happening in the write portion of the speed -> disk statistics tab.

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Would the developers do a torrent to test of four seed torrents they have made.

First test two torrents of with 100's of files between 0.5mb and 1mb located in various sub folders the files in folders are are all zipped.

Second test two torrents with 100's of files between 300mb and 700mb located in various sub folders these files are also all zipped.

The torrent has piece size of 4mb (4096) and is private.

When downloaded will have folders and sub folders with all the files contained zipped.

Now test how long it takes to do a force re-check on each of those torrents. And then try make it do so faster because I will tell you they can and do take hours to check.

Next after adding the torrent either relocate all files contained into another hdd using the files tab. Or Move (copy or move) the torrent whole manually to another hdd

Then close and restart utorrent and time how long it takes for the torrent to restart. Or if torrents are stopped prior to closing utorrent. After restart utorrent how long it takes after selecting those torrents to start seeding. This is also another part of utorrent that need to be speeded up. Or maybe make faster by changing a flag setting in the resume data each time torrent is closed. When either the torrent paused or stopped makes no difference the flag is applied so no wait check needed on starting each seed torrent.

I appreciate each torrent does a quick fast check on starting each seed. It is quicker than when a torrent has been relocated. Or moved to a location and after utorrent told of this with 'Advanced - Set Download Location'

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I have found this before with alphas and some betas. My screenreader will not find the listview which lists the torrents. Once the client becomes beta in most cases and certainly the stable version, this problem doesn't occur. Is there something I can change to make the view of these versions like the final product to show the list. Put another way, what changes to make this happen. i can find everything else except the listview for the torrent list. I canfind the list of files for a torrent. I would like to use the alpha but I can't given this problem.

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I disabled promiscuous mode and the adding magnet links stopped. I don't have rss feeds and this doesn't affect anything else. I never asked for any of those files. I actually thought it was interesting and if I had hard drive space it wouldn't be a problem. However, it would be nice to know what is causing that to happen. I will reenable promiscuous mode and see if it happens again.

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