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[Question] I think I screwed up, can anyone help me get my files back?


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So, it's quite late, and just out of a fidgety habit, I was cleaning up my computer, and dragged my file that was downloading into another folder. (No excuse but I'm new to mac, and still getting used the file storage system) Stupid me. It was at 91% and I've been downloading it over several days, and suddenly the download has stopped because my "file's missing." (At this point, I should have googled)

I tried to move the files back to no avail. Panicking, I tried to force restart, and finally out of sheer desperation (and a supreme stroke of idiocy) I decided to force recheck, thinking it might check again for the incomplete files or something.

Now it's started downloading the whole thing again from the beginning, leaving me with a 91% complete file, and a new set starting.

Is there anything I can do, or am I just going to have to suck it up?

Any help would be massively appreciated, thanks so much!

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