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Installed newest build, forced to install toolbar and malware?


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I just installed the most recent build of uTorrent. I unticked both boxes to install the toolbar, but when it was installed, it still forced me to have them.

Not only that, but I then found it installing something without mentioning it - a program called IMinent, which was never mentioned on the install screen. Next thing I know, it's installed itself to my MSN, AIM, Facebook and browsers, and was near impossible to remove without a System Restore.

What the Hell just happened? Should I be looking for a new P2P client? How the Hell did this happen?

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This is my first and probably last post here.

I also had not unchecked the third box, being too rushy, and had your toolbar installed.

An unwanted toolbar and malware.. uhh.. ok.. i can cope with that.

But the fact that it resseted my session, ~100 tabs lost. ~50 i'll probably won't have problems refinding as i use them on daily basis, ~25 that weren't significant and ~25 that re-finding will be pain in the ass.

Firefox won't let me restore my old session. Restoring tabs from menu backups worked only for bookmarks and not tabs. Manually restoring session from js session files brought me back to the moment after the installation of your toolbar.

Once Azureus walked the same path, adding new flashy streaming media players into ther client and useless toolbars, just to become the vuze-cow that we know today.

But at least, if they were to install us some malware, they had first checked if it wasn't broken.

So i think i'll be going back now.

Goodbye. (and thank you for screwing my tabs)

Ps. Sorry for my poor engrish.

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I have been using uTorrent for more years than I care to remember, I wrote a private torrent site specifically to work with uTorrent [we are 6 years old and have 25,000 members].

As you can see I am no noob, but even I fell for the toolbar install. Blame me, blame you, blame my mamma, whatever, the fact is the conduit toolbar was installed.

I did get rid of it all without much problem, but other people may not know how.

I have just advised our members not to update uTorrent, but to stick with it as it still is the best client around, but there are already unhappy people out there. I think this is an own goal guys and maybe needs to be reconsidered.

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