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Unusually High Hashfail Rate + Incomplete Files


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Hi there,

Saw similar posts to this one, but didn't exactly find one that covered my exact circumstance, if there is, I'm sorry a cursory glance over the search page didn't reveal this to me. Anyways...

Lately uTorrent has been experiencing an unusually high amount of hashfails on every torrent. The wasted bandwidth is a problem since I'm now back on a shaped and capped Rogers cable connection, but heres the kicker that I didn't expect. uTorrent claims to have finished downloading these files that is should have been hashchecking throughout anyways and upon opening them, 7-zip finds CRC errors in the packed files. uTorrent itself confirms this upon a force re-check. This problem started about a few weeks ago and the system configuration since then has not changed. Well, apart from the whole RAID 0 array failing and then painfully recopying the entire partition into a single drive and the addition of an SSD cache drive that uses proprietary software to transparently cache 'hot' data. But I am going to assume that to software that operates on a higher level like uTorrent, this is irrelevant. The problem has since gotten worse as 'completed' files upon forced re-check come up as only 50% complete tops. I have no idea what is causing this and maybe someone here could help.

For those of you who think system specs would in any way help to rectify this problem:

Core i5 750 @ 3.2

Intel P55 board (generic Asus)

12GB DDR3-1600 RAM

1TB Seagate (single platter version)

64GB OCZ Synapse Cache Drive

ATI Radeon HD 4870 512MB GDDR5

2x 1TB Seagate on eSATA

2x 2TB Seagate on eSATA

2x 2TB WD Green on eSATA

OS: Win7x64Pro w/ SP1

uTorrent version: latest as of writing. so... like 3.1.3 or something like that

Would greatly appreciate any insights/help that you guys have on this as I'm beyond stumped and have simply resigned myself to force re-checking and force re-downloading those missing chunks until the entire file is verified.

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Nice setup. Unfortunately, your issues are indicative of a hardware issue getting worse as time goes by. If you can peg it down then you can hopefully fix it. I'd start testing your hardware and keep BACKUPS. Don't skimp on results info :P

0. Exact uT build.

1. http://www.memtest.org/ to test the ram. This keeps running till you stop it, I've seen recommendations of overnight to 24 hours for overclockers, but in my experience severe issues present during the first pass. At 8 GB I'm guessing about an hour or something.

2. http://mersenne.org/freesoft/ CPU/thermal (Just Stress Testing > Max Heat and powah, maybe some of everything) If you experience issues during constant use, 2-4 hours should be adequate. An error will cause prime95 to stop running and the icon to change red.

2.5. http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ temp monitor during #2.

After that would be drive testing and looking at the drive hardware, as well as temp removing that caching software. Is your raid setup a soft raid? Looking into your hardware on google may reveal something as well, perhaps a known issue.

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Hey there,

Thanks for the help so far, its a start!

I am using uTorrent 3.1.3 Build (27210, latest public to my knowledge).

The CPU and RAM that I am using are operating within spec, the aforementioned tests confirm this, no RAM artefacts and the CPU load temp is stable at about 70C. As for the drives, I mentioned the RAID setup as much as in the context of that fact that it has since been retired in favour of the 1HD + 1SSD setup, non-RAID, with caching implemented.

However, I am not entirely convinced that this is a hardware issue anymore as another client has managed to successfully download the same torrent successfully and the data fully passes all checks. My knee-jerk reaction here is say that there is an issue with uTorrent. But if there was, then why has the issue never occurred until this point? Is it because I have updated recently? No idea, but for now I am satisfied with the workaround that I have discovered. Thanks again for the help!

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Hi I have the exact same problems as you wuZheng!

But I am pretty sure the SSD Cache is to blame. My problems started exactly after I installed it. Everything else works perfect with my PC, only uTorrent is behaving weird.

My guess is that the data is first written to the SSD then it's moved to the HDD and inbetween uTorrent does a hashcheck which fails since the data has not been completely written to the HDD.

Anyway, what was your workaround? I am unable to download anything at all now with uTorrent. Other Torrent Based Applications seem to work, at least I downloaded the Diablo 3 Installer without problems.

uTorrent on other PC's on my LAN works fine as well.

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Well obviously you don't know how these caching SSD's software works. I don't blame you, they are not that common. I suggest you google for OCZ Synapse Cache Drive or Dataplex.

Anyway I think it's not possible to continue using uTorrent with this harddrive. I will try out some other torrent clients.

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MSI P55-GD65 (Intel P55 Chipset)

Intel Core i7 860

Western Digital Raptor 640GB HDD

Crucial m4 Adrenaline with Dataplex Software (newest one is as I just found out, also the changelog doesn't state anything special).

Using Windows 7 Prof x64 SP1 with latest Updates installed.

So it's quite similiar to the Threadstarter specks. Maybe it's the combination with the P55 Chipset.

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