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Filter RSS is not configured on the original file name


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I have a µTorrent 3.1.2 (26729).

I shake my RSS for normal quality video, so I need to eliminate the quality of 720p. Previously, I had a set of decoded name, but after a few times operators are not specified in the file name [720p], I decided to remake the filters on the original name. Now the filter settings,

screenshot 1

such an exception in all the filters are identical. However, when adding in RSS episode without a title at 720p, a series Game of Thrones began download. I managed to stop it.

screenshot 2

While the series The Borgias, whose title is the mark of 720p was not download.

screenshot 3

I have two nickname on the forum series, tuned to different series.

Apparently, in spite of a tick in the "Filter matches original name instead of decoded name" µTorrent uses filters decoded file name.

How can the filters on the original name?

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