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Disabling Remote Results in ""Failed to connect" error


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Here is a super annoying bug.

After re-installing uTorrent after a windows re-install to a new SSD, utorrent is throwing up errors about not being able to connect to uTorrent remote, even though I explicitly disabled it the settings.

Here is the error:

"Failed to connect to uTorrent remote"

On a vanilla uTorrent install, this does not happen, but when I import my old settings, and resume.dat file, I get the bug.

Updating to the uTorrent 3.2 beta, it appears this issue is fixed, but I can't run that version yet.

The only resolution for 3.1.3 is to enable remote to stop the errors, which I absolutely do not want enabled.

Does anyone know of a fix for the current version? Perhaps an edit to a .dat file with Bencode?

I searched for similar bugs, but all I found were people having trouble actually connecting because they want to use the service.

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Turn the setting on and put a valid account name in, then try turning it back off.

I, in fact, have been leaving it turned on despite wanting it turned off because it is annoying to have the error pop up every time uTorrent starts or when I open the settings window.

Un-checking "Enable uTorrent Remote Access" greys out the settings, but still reports Accessible under the status. Pressing apply causes the Status to report "Connecting...Not Accessible" then returns the error.

One idea I had was to update to the beta version, the version that does not appear to have this bug, clear out my credentials, and disable remote access then downgrade to see if that would fix it. It does not. As soon as I get back to 3.1.3, I get the error as long as I have the remote feature disabled.

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