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Problem with seeding my own files


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A few days ago I downloaded the utorrent latest version, and I had a problem with a certain torrent that kept starting over and over without my request (or permission), no matter how many times I deleted it.

That problem I could solve deleting some files with the termination .odd and others that I don't remember right now.

But after that, all the torrents that I had created and was seeding were also gone.

Those respective files that I was seeding are not in the same folder where my new downloads go, and every time that I try to add my own torrents again, they start to download my own files instead of seeding it.

I don't want to change the location of those files. Does anybody knows how do I add those torrents again to seed them??

Did I made myself clear? Sorry, my english is not the best...

Thanks anyway!


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