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utorrent use 25+ % cpu


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Hello after update to version 3.1.3

after I start any torrent cpu usage hits 15% ( 25% when I got Overclocked cpu ) .

Before with it was always 0% so it is very strange .

My setting.dat have 15 KB

and I didnt changed anything with dics cache and so on . I tried to return to old version but again it use 25+% CPU . Any ideas?

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DOn't have software firewall but have router. I'm using Avira Free Antivirus

I found one correlation: download speed. Usually it's about 2.3Mb/sec (WiFi) and it takes 30% CPU. but if limit speed, for example, 700Kb/s, it's 10%. If download speed 400Kb/s - 1-2%.

I tried disable antivirus but no success.

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I got microsoft security essenctials + routher

and it start taking cpu when torrent is added ( its not even dl/uploading it Oo)

cpu intel core i7 950 when its on stock clock 13% usage even if utorrent is minimalized

if 950 is at @4,0 utorrent use 30-40% cpu

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