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Diagnostic thread deadlock reporting flaw

John Peterson

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I don't receive a "Reporting hang diagnostic information" log message when a hang occurs.

This might be because the hang is not picked up by the diagnostic thread. In that case please provide suggestions about investigating the reason for that, for example (i) how to determine if the diagnostic thread is operational and (ii) how to identify the diagnostic thread in Process Explorer (by start address or priority).

It can also be because the log message is not written to the file. Please flush (fflush) the hang log messages so they appear immediately if they are logged at all. (Or why not flush all log messages?)

It can also be because this event is not logged anymore. If these events were logged I would expect to see the " *** Starting Diagnostic thread ***" message when uTorrent.exe is started. If this is the case please reenable diagnostic thread logging so that it's possible to determine if a hang is reported.


uT 3.1.3-27120 x86

Windows 7 x64

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