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Files download despite selecting "Don't Download"


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I have noticed that in larger with lots of files, it doesn't really matter which files I tell utorrent to download as utorrent will tell whichever files it wants to download. I exaggerate a bit, but when there are tons of files in a download, at least 5 or 6 of the files I select "Don't Download" on will download, and usually faster than the files I actually want.

Recently, I wanted one album off of a discography torrent. I selected that I only wanted to download that one album, skipping all other songs, yet when I look at the torrent half an hour later, some of the other albums had songs 100% downloaded, even though it says "skip" next to that file. At the same time, there were still some songs in the album I wanted that weren't finished downloading. Can anyone explain to me why my selecting of "Don't Download" is more of a suggestion than a command?

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