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3.1.3 low seeding speeds to slower "peer dl."s


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If the peer connecting to me has a high "peer dl." value (for example 3.6 MB/s), then my seeding is at about 90 kB/s (which is about my max seeding speed).

Problem is with slower "peer dl." values:

For example right now, there are two peers downloading from me:

The first one at 555.9 kB/s, and my seeding speed to him is 0.7 kB/s

The second one at 238.6, and my seeding to him is about 5 kB/s.

Why are my seeding speeds to those peers so low?

There are no other peers downloading from me, and my total max seeding speed should be about 90 - 100 kB/s, but for some reason is usually less than 5 kB/s (or even less than 2 kB/s) if the situation is as in my example above.

Is there a way to keep the seeding speed at/near the maximum upload speed for my connection? (90- 100 kB/s).

Thank you!

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