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seeding issue


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I use utorrent 3.1.2 and I'm trying to help with someone that's using 3.0 to seed a file.

They are seeding a 500MB file and there are 20 peers.

I thought uTorrent would give a different piece of the file to each peer so the sharing could be distributed among all the peers, but this is not happening. All 20 peers (me included) seem to be receiving the same pieces from the seeder and the file transfer is taking days. Currently, all the peers are at 54% and we all slowly creep up at the same rate.

Under my peer list, I can see the OP at 100% and the rest of us are all at 54%. It shows I've downloaded a small amount from him, so I don't think it's a case of him only allowing 1 upload slot.

Is there a place I can have him check in uTorrent, where it might cause this issue?

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