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Modem & Wireless router chain & Port forwarding


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Hey guys,

Our internet cable is hardlined into a Ubee modem, which is then chained to a Linksys wireless router because the Ubee modem isn't a combo.

I used to have a desktop computer that I had plugged in directly from the Ubee modem, bypassing the wireless because, well, it was desktop. The ports/port forwarding must have been automatically perfect because I didn't have to do ANYTHING with uTorrent and I could Download and Seed at my hearts content.

Now I have a new laptop that's always on wireless, and things aren't so automatic.


-Nothing I've downloaded will seed. Things will only seed if they've just downloaded, but most of the time, not even that.

-Stuff was seeding before, possibly because I had my laptop plugged directly into the Ubee.

I did port forwarding (I've done it before too so I know I was doing it right). I tried plugging in my laptop directly to see if that was the issue, but it's now saying the port forward through the wireless router is conflicting with the Ubee modem. uTorrents setup test shows a green on the top network part and always a yellow check on the port forward part (saying it's not opened).

I'm assuming something in the Modem-wireless router chain is messing up my port forward. Does anybody know what I need to do to port forward through my wireless router and THEN the Ubee modem so I can actually seed? Can this even work, seeing as how I can't assign the same static IP through both things?

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