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Charter sending me email of Copyright infrigment!...help?


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So I was with at&t and then recently switched to charter.I had downloaded this torrent of the game CRISIS for Xbox 360 for my friend.He said he was always somehow scratching his original discs and he wanted me to make him copies of them. I know that is legal since if the person with the copied game has the original copy, then its considered legal. Anyways on to the problem. When I switched to charter, I received an email warning me about a copyright infringement for that game which I downloaded months before I got charter. I then disabled utorrent on all my PC's adn deleted everything I download(I dont download that much) just to be on the safe side.I started look into anonymous programs for downloading torrents.

Here is what I would like in an anonymous program(vpn,i2p,seedbox,etc..) :

-Anonymous torrent downloading from others,charter, and anyone else who may lead me to trouble

-No reduced speeds in exchange for anonymity

-Preferably free(rare I suppose) ; Paid is fine too

-Stable and reliable

-Works with utorrent and if not,it has another compatible torrent downloading client.

-Hides my information completely

I guess that is about it. I know that getting a program with all that may not even exist but I want a good recommendation fore which one to use? I have seen so many but not the right one yet. I have btguard,i2p,hotspot shield,ipredator,and sevrral others. I hope you guys can give me the best advice since I really dont want charter right over my should monitoring everything I do.Also,can I download other things than media and not have charter sending me message?Like a program,crack,etc...

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