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uTorrent duplicating all downloaded files to documents


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Thank you in advance for reading this.

I have been using uTorrent for some years now and this problem started about 2-3 months ago. I have always used the beta client updated to the most recent version. I am running Windows 7 and dual-booted Fedora and Debian to different partitions.

This problem happens with TPB's magnetic links that I have been using about the same time this problem started, but they do not seem to be the cause, because they work fine on my laptop.

So, I download a magnetic link, and then finish the download. I open the Downloads folder and the file is there, but then I open the Documents folder and the file is there too (which is not set in preferences, in fact everything is set to default on the Directories division).

For example, I download a 500Mb file, it duplicates and it takes 1Gb of space.

If I delete the duplicate, the original disappears too (weird).

Sorry for taking your time and sorry for the long post, but this is a problem I find weird to explain.


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