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DHT boot nodes problem!!


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It's the first time i quiz here.

Recently, I do a experiment, and today, I find the public dht nodes:

router.utorrent.com 6881(UDP)

router.bittorrent.com 6881(UDP)

dht.transmissionbt.com 6881 (UDP)

all these nodes are no respond~

I send DHT packet (ping ,get_peers,find_node), It's no respond

I wonder does the public dht server close? or just my network's problem?

Can you contact the three hosts use 6881 port?

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I can ping all these nodes,but I can't contact the three both in my room and lab room use DHT protocl in 6881 port.....

so annoy...but a week ago, it's run well....

I think mybe the ISP block the 6881 port?

well...mybe I need to find a few new nodes.not the public server..

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working fine here. Probably just your network.

hey~thank you~

but I find a very strange thing.

If the three hosts are blocked ,it's impossible I can use the ping command to contact them. So I think ISP doesn't block the IP.

then I change utorrent download port to 6881, I find I can download file in this port.

It's really strange ,that's means IP and port are ok, but I could not contact them use DHT protocol in port 6881.

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You can use Firebind to test for blocked ISP ports.


It has a Java based applet that can test any of the 65535 UDP or TCP ports.

Hi , thank you very much for your suggestion:D!


I test it in www.firebind.com and I found port 6881 is open.The next is the result (sorry, I don't know how to paste .png in here :()



Ports: 6881

Testing Port: done

Passed: 6881

Failed: none


Start Time: Sun May 13 16:26:50 CST 2012

End Time: Sun May 13 16:26:52 CST 2012

Total Time: 1 second

Detailed Results

Passed: 6881


Second ,it's the ping result in my computer:


ping router.utorrent.com

来自 的回复: 字节=32 时间=208ms TTL=47

来自 的回复: 字节=32 时间=210ms TTL=47

来自 的回复: 字节=32 时间=209ms TTL=47

来自 的回复: 字节=32 时间=207ms TTL=47


so, it's means port 6881 is open and router.utorrent.com is ok , I really doubt router.utorrent.com close 6881 port recently....

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hey,I find if my package contained this:d1:ad2:id20:,the packet can not pass .but this part is essential in DHT packet. so now ,I cannot receive any DHT packet.

At first ,I 'm not sure .Then I use the nc(linux chat tool) to connect to my friend.I find she can receive : hello, good and so on, except d1:ad2:id20:, if contain this ,she cannot receive.

I call ISP.but they said they not block any application layer data, so I don't know the reason....

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