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Adios utorrent!


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Unfortunately it's time to leave utorrent, I used it for years (my first was utorrrent 1.1.7) and was very happy with it all these years, but lately it became a CPU hog, plus the fact that it's not open source anymore is a little annoying.

( I left Vuze, used to be Azera, if I remember correctly, because it was a mem hog.)

Just having it up, not downloading anything, just uploading, it was using 35% of the CPU. I checked all the setting that some recommended but nothing worked.

So I googled for other software options and found qBittorrent, it looks like utorrent but is open source, still maintained, and works better, I think.

First thing that I saw was different is the download speed, way faster. Then with no download and only upload it uses only 3% max of the CPU, with download it can reach 10%.

Unless utorrent becomes better or fixes it's problem not adding useless crap in their software I will comeback to it, but for now I will stick with qBittorrent until something new comes up.

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What is your system setup? I see no reason uTorrent would use 35% of your CPU, ever, nor is it a memory hog. How many torrents are you actively downloading/seeding?

I have the latest uTorrent open right now, with Firefox and several background programs as well, and my system has been between 0 and 5% CPU usage, with uTorrent using only 24,700Kb of memory.

Just my two-cents.

My system

Dell Optiplex 745

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

2.4Ghz Core2Duo E6600 Processor


ATI Radeon HD 3450 GPU

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It is just a bug in 3.x.x versions, in my case it sometimes stuck on 50% load and needed killing from task manager, local folk just denied that that problem existed at the time, except people with the same defect. I'm using good old 2.2.1 version, it does nicely what it NEED to do - download stuff with custom options (you can still find installer on the internet). I won't ever need those ratings, comments, streaming etc. and I like old graphs with dark background.

PS: just checked if v3 is ready to use after half a year. Apparently not yet.

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download speed is nothing really to do with clients. It's more about connection settings, and getting luck with peers.

There's no way clients are 'faster' than any others. Certainly not since qbittorent is just a gui wrapper around libtorrent. And having used it as well for over a year, it's actually a bit heavier than utorrent.

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I can't say I notice uT using a lot of CPU, though the GUI can occasionally use a fair bit.

funny thing is, libtorrent is made by the head programmer of µTorrent. :P

But download speeds aren't magically better or worse in either client. It's all about settings, luck, and if your firewall is configured correctly (if you got one).

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yes I use port forwarding with my router.

I never had to complain about slow download with uTorrent but I tried to get faster or get the right set up by following some guides posted in this site.

With qB it feels like it's faster and I didn't have to change any set up yet, just up down speed to fit my connection.

But I guess I needed a new challenge, I've been with uTorrent for to long.

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