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New to uTorrent; Q's re ShowRSS, moving completed downloads, & seeding


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Hello. I am new to uTorrent and to this forums. Please forgive me for asking noob questions. I did a search of the forums, and on google for some tutorials and help, but couldn't find the content that answered my questions.

1. I am trying to set up utorrent to work with ShowRSS. I have generated the URL for the feeds (not the individual show, but the "Your feed address"), so that I can set to download only HD quality, and no repacks/reposts. But this does not work when I add the RSS Feed to uTorrent. Nothing gets added.

So I added a couple of individual shows and that works, it added the episodes but I got multiple copies of the same episode; looks like the SD as well as HD versions, and in some cases it looked like multiples of the HD content in MP4 and MKV formats.

What is the correct way to set this up in uTorrrent?

2. I would like to set up uTorrent to move the completed downloads to a folder of the name of the TV show. All completed downloads go to F:\Downloads, but I would like to sort them into individual shows, so F:\Downloads\Bones, F:\Downloads\Dexter etc.

Is this possible?

And lastly, "Start with Windows" means I have to log into the computer? The server gets automatically shutdown each night, and I turn it on each morning, but I rarely log into it. Do I have to start logging in each morning for uTorrent to load, or does it work when the OS just boots up to the log in screen.

Thank you for your kind assistance and patience with my lack of knowledge.


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Well, I think I may have partially answered Q1 myself. After about 6 hours of playing around I found that when I generated the feed URL, and went to add the feed to uTorrent it was prefilled.

I found that if I deleted what was pre-filled and then pasted the URL again it would work. Viola - the shows showed up.

Is this a bug?

I am using 3.1.3 (27213) on WIndows 7 Ultimate x64.

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