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Undestanding torrent terminology


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Hi, I've been reading posts here for a the last hour or so and I've come across some confusion (?) regarding seeding. Since I'm new to this whol torrent thing I would like to ask for some clarification about seeding, if I may.

In the preferences there is a seeding goal. It defaults to 150. So if I download a 10gb file, the seeding goal would be to upload 15gb?

I read that uploading while downloading is not seeding and is not counted towards the seeding goal. So if, while downloading this 10gb file I upoad 5gb, then uTorrent says my share ratio is 0.50, which I gather is 50%.

So, with the same example in mind, if I set my upload goal to 150, then conceivably I will upload 20gb before reaching the seeding goal.

Am I understanding this correctly?

I don't want to be a leech, but here in Aus ISPs are real lame. They typically limit upload speeds to 90KBps. Don't know what it's like for the rest of the world. So, even if I set my upload bandwidth at 0 (unlimited), the best I'm going to do is 90KBps, whereas I could be downloading at 1MBps, which means it's going to be extremely difficult to achieve my seeding goal. The other lame thing about Australian ISPs is that you spend a lot of time uploading without downloading they jump on your pretty quick.

Does anyone have any constructive advice that will help me avoid being banned by my ISP and be a good torrent user at the same time? If you could please rememeber that I'm new to this stuff, as was everyone once, I'd appreciate it.

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