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Someone else using my uTorrent to download a movie?


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I'm from Germany, so sorry if my English is not the best. I've a question. My parents got a letter from a lawyer that they've offered a current movie via uTorrent for download. They have no clue about using uTorrent but the boyfriend of my sister was also at my parents house that night. He said that he just updated Windows over night (same time the movie was offered through our uTorrent account according to the lawyer). So my question is: our uTorrent is synchronized with windows so it opens up automatically. It runs in the background though not downloading anything. After I got the letter I took a look at it and I could see that there's traffic going on beside no download is activated. Why is that? What about that traffic? Is it possible that other people using my uTorrent to support their downloads because of a bad firefall or wrong uTorrents settings of my uTorrent software? I don't understand why uTorrent displays upload/download traffic without actually any torrent is activated.

Of course the second choice is that the boyfriend of my sister just downloaded the movie and just doesn't tell the truth. However, I don't want to accuse him on anything so I just want to check out if I have to protect my uTorrent from malpractice to avoid other people to use it for illegal things and so on.

I hope someone can provide me some help. I have to answer the letter of the lawyer as quick as possible (btw, the letter is no fake - it's serious, I checked it).



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