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HTTPS Tracker through Proxy


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After many failed attempts with proxies on the internet I decided to set one up on my computer only to get the same results.

I used FreeProxy 4.10 Build 1751 for windows, http://www.handcraftedsoftware.org/

Both uTorrent 3.1.2 and 3.2 Beta.

Direct -> HTTP and HTTPS working

HTTP proxy -> HTTP working, HTTPS error message [connection closed by peer OR unable to establish secure connection]

HTTPS proxy -> HTTP working, HTTPS tracker URL changes to a bunch of Unicode characters crashing uTorrent shortly after (see image)

Socks4 proxy -> Same as HTTPS proxy

Socks5 proxy -> HTTP working, HTTPS error message [Could not obtain SSL chuck size.]

Maybe I am misunderstanding something but I swear you can tunnel a HTTPS connection through at least one type of proxy.

----- Edit -----

Further investigation...

Reverting back to uTorrent 2.2.1 Build 25302

HTTPS connections are not tunnelled through the proxy no matter what type is selected, however they are tunnelled through the system proxy which can be set in Internet Explorer.

Setting both the Secure (https) and Socks (v4) proxy settings in IE (one at a time) allowed successful connection to the HTTPS tracker through the proxy set up on another machine with FreeProxy 4.10.

Which confirms this is indeed a bug with the uTorrent 3 series.

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Okay, one and a half years later now using uTorrent 3.3.2 and this still hasn't been fixed. Basically the current proxy implementation doesn't support https connections without crashing. Neither https RSS feeds nor https Trackers. Will this ever be looked at? Can someone look into this please. It would be a welcome change if this was fixed for the upcoming uTorrent 3.4 release.

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It's been another year, and I wanted to follow up on this issue.  Using 2.2.1 build 25302, I was never able to get a secure connection to a tracker if I was using a proxy.  In other words, if the tracker URL began with HTTPS,  uTorrent was not able to connect to it.  Going direct to such a tracker worked fine, but not going through a proxy.  Can someone confirm that this was indeed a "feature" of 2.2.1, and not just operator error on my part?  If so, is it still a "feature" of the latest version 3.4.2 build 36802, or has this been fixed?



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