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Problems with my torrent uploader/downloader.


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Hi All,

I am here to find out if i can move my torrent software from bit-torrent 6.4 to your version of utorrent?

my present problem is that i am seeding over 3000 torrents for various sites! and i have for a number of years always used bittorrent? but for the last 6 weeks i have been having problems with this and receieve the following messages. Bit torrent is oipen and working, but not responding?? and then closes its self down. Due to this i then get messages from friends who ask me to re-seed my torrents as they are showing as 0%.

What my problem is now, Firstly, is that i want a stable platform torrent that can handle 3000 + torrents, secondly i would want to migrate all my present torrents across to the new platform as apposed to re-downloading them all individually.

If any body can give me this information i would be eternally greatful


Squire Will.

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