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Right-click option to "Move/Copy to... on completion"


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Like most of us, I have a specific place that specific files go to for the purpose of organization/sanity. The problem is that the current "Move on completion" option in uTorrent is universal. All files will be moved to that specific location.

I would like to be able to have uTorrent move each torrent on completion to different locations.

For example, if you have 2 separate torrents running and will eventually be manually moving the first to...say... an SD card on completion and the second to your network storage drive when that is done, you have to do that manually, which alone isn't a lot of work. However the real advantage is it can be a big time saver if you could leave uTorrent on overnight to complete your downloads and the next day your files have already been transferred and are ready to go (assuming they completed of course).

Taking that one step further, I think it would be even better if you could right-click a torrent's individual files under the file list and have them transfer individually to separate locations or move some and not others, all when completed. However the basics of moving the entire torrent contents would be enough for me.

Thoughts? :D


An idea to simplify this: Use the already existing Right-Click -> "Transfer to..." list and add a "Copy to on completion" and "Move to on completion..." with a little divider line to keep the list of devices visually segregated.

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