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utorrent chocking upload once per minute


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Every minute, utorrent seems to have a surge of upload bandwidth usage, which exceeds my upload capacity and consequently chokes the download as well (ack packets aren't sent back). Here's a pic of my dumeter window:


The red spikes are upload. Whenever such a spike occurs the download (yellow) is affected. The vertical dotted lines are minute-marks. I set my connections limits to 2000 global and 1000 per torrent, during that time there was 1 torrent active. I set my upload limit well below my line capacity (50 kbytes up = 400 kbit, my upload capacity is ~1.2mbit). My router is also powerful enough to handle utorrent traffic (asus rt-n16).



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If there are less active seeds, DL speed goes down, thus giving way for UL speed.

Try minimising your 'alternate upload speed when not downloading'.

And I think Global Connections to be 2000 is much higher. Try using default values.

Avg connections should be 350, peers per torrent = 85.

Note that increasing you peers per torrent limits your DL speed somehow. I just learned that somewhere.

Lastly, try keeping upload speed limitless, and minimum(1kB/s), check which suits you the best and use that.

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