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1- User Guide & 2- 'Go Incognito' are Needed

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1-Maybe I am missing it in my search, but it a User Guide isn't anywhere obvious. I would love to know what all the functions do, such as "Reset Bans". If this also had a tips list for making things move faster, that would be great.

2- ALSO, in respect with upcoming issues with torrenting and privacy, there ought to be an obvious way to go 'Incognito'! If there was even a simple menu choice to "Go Incognito" and begin total encryption and whatever else is necessary to avoid obvious detection, I am sure many, many users would like a simple and reliable way to keep their actions on the D.L....

3- I have found a somewhat complex means to segregate bandwidth allocated for different apps using my wifi setup, but would be nice if there was a forum thread link attached to this manual about setting this up. Here is a sample about what I am talking about http://www.ehow.com/how_6720158_allocate-bandwidth-linksys.html

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