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Problem with port 1025 using BTGuard


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Hi there!

I've been using uTorrent with BTGuard for quite a long time, with no problems. I've had to switch ISP's, and now find that I can't use the proxy with port 1025. At first I thought my new ISP was blocking the proxy itself, but I asked them, and they block that specific port, and assured me that they do not block proxies, just certain ports.

Does anyone know if I can change to a different port number?

Here's the list of banned ports my ISP gave me, along with the security reason for banning it:

25 (SMTP Outgoing restricted to Eastlink's Email server)

135 (Microsoft DCOM)

139 (NetBIOS - Windows File & Printer Sharing)

445 (Microsoft SMB - File Sharing)

1025 (Microsoft RPC)

2745 (Bagle Virus)

3127 (MyDoom/Novarg Virus)

6129 (DameWare - Used by some Virii)

I really hope someone can help me.


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