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Won't seed once downloaded. Keeps flasing 0.1kb then dissconnecting


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I'm not sure what information i need to provide however am hoping you guys can help.

I've recently made the switch from vuze to utorrent (needed an excuse to this for a while) as vuze wasn't seeding torrents once downloaded. It seems utorrent is doing the exact same thing. There is port forwarding on for both clients in my router and i've followed indeapth guides to config the settings on both clients based on my speedtest results. I've also run the defult settings however nothing works. The torrents download fine and will upload while downloading but once finished they just sit there.

This is in the context of a peer/seed ratio that is strong in my favor. I should have no probably connecting when this torrent has about 800 peers and only 200odd seeders.

The odd thing is when clicking on the peers tab of the torrent sitting in my tray seeding, i has people connecting to me however they disappear a few seconds later. This is also evident from the main status window occasionally and breifly flashing 0.1kB/s in the "up speed" window.

I have no idea whats going on. It's never been a problem until now as i just got an invite to a private tracker and need to keep my ratio in tack. I have no idea why either client is not seeding once the torrents have been downloaded. I turend of my antivirius firewall and it made not difference.

I've run all those long winded tests and my ISP is NOT throttling back, i've checked all the ports using the online tools and they should be all fine. I've run defult settings and a whole array of settings hosted in troubleshooting tutorials how to fix seeding problems...

I'm so annoyed and have spent about 4 hours researching this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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