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Contents of torrent will not show until utorrent restarted.


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Hi all,

Ive been having trouble with getting the contents to show, I believe it might just be a bug on my part and I have seen maybe one other post with a similar problem. The splash screen that shows contents appears, but blank. Then the files tab shows nothing, UNTIL I restart the client. Also, possibly related to the issue, when I 'checked for updates' yesterday and it said my client was up to date. But I tried reinstalling fresh and a new looking client came up.

I can post screenshots, but Im not sure on the etiquette here with certain torrents are.


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Hi pingu24,

what you describe here is a standard behaviour when you open magnet links in uTorrent, their contents won't display until the magnet is resolved which usually happens pretty quickly. Please check this (for example, all torrents on thepiratebay are magnets now). If this is not the case, please write to mac@bittorrent.com, we'll be glad to help.


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