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uTorrent disk cache full (v3.1.3)


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Hi there uTorrent community!

I have the following problem: I use an external USB HDD to download torrents to. The problem is, very often it occures that writing cache becomes full. I tried to change the default value from 32MB to 16MB, 64MB, 128MB, and it seems to work well with any value for a certain period of time, but every now and then disk cache becomes full, which results either in:

— all my downloads being "dimmed" to a total of 10 KB/s download speed


— cache that keeps growing and growing (biggest value was today, with cache 700MB full out of 32MB available)

Here is what I mean:


How is it even possible?

This happens at random moments with random download speed and random number of active torrents. Sometimes I can download dozens of GB from 10 different torrents simultaneously at my maximum download speed for several days without any problems, sometimes cache gets full from 1-2 small torrents downloading at 300 KB/s.

Sometimes pausing (or stopping) all torrents for a while allows cache to write out, but sometimes disk cache just stays full. Restarting uTorrent sometimes solves the problems, sometimes it does not. Same for re-attaching HDD.

I've tried searching the forum and google, but could not find my issue. There are several topics on internet related to cache problems, but all without a solution, and people experiencing those seem to get "Disc Overloaded 100%" error, which I have never seen.

My configuration:

Windows 7 x64

uTorrent 3.1.3 (build 27207)

USB 2.0 external hard drive (write speed about ~20 MB/s)

Maximum download speed: 1~1,5 MB/s

This problem never occures when I download to my local SSD disk.

I would be extremely thankful for any information regarding cache feature and it's settings, or any suggestions on solving the issue.


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