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Auto Shutdown while magnet link is still "constucting"


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When you add a torrent via a magnet link and its still busy getting all the info for the files (don't know what you call this stage) uTorrent will shut down if you have the Auto Shutdown function enabled.

Once you can see the files in the torrent your downloading the Auto Shutdown event will work.

This might not be a problem for fast connections but especially on slow connection and adding a bunch of magnet links with lots of files in them shows this bug. Surprised me a few times when I click something, enable the autoshutdown function, power off the screen and a few seconds later my computer powers off too ;-)

I'm using uTorrent 3.1.3

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Fair enough ;)

Coming back next morning to see utorrent is still fetching the magnet link #fail_torrentsite

Coming back next morning to find pc shutdown with nothing downloaded #fail_utorrent :D

Haven't tested it but might happen too if you have uTorrent scheduled to start later (with couple magnet links added not fetched yet) and enable the autoshutdown.

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