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Utorrent 3.2 Beta Build 27239 - Element not found


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I often get torrent stopped unpredictably with the message: Error: Element not found.

I tried to fix this by force recheck the torrents then resume downloading. However, this don't really fix the problem.

Is this cause by adding torrent in pause mode? Any idea?

The version is Utorrent 3.2 Beta Build 27239. I found this error does exist in the previous versions.


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I'm getting the same error on a torrent with a single file. My attempt to fix:

Cleared out all torrents from uT, removed ALL partial downloads. Re-added .torrent files

Am now watching and waiting. I had assumed stuff got corrupt due to me completely filling the hard drive uT was downloading stuff to (DOH!!!!!).

EDIT: yup, that did the trick :)

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