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Any way to use SOCKS Proxy AND Direct Connection ?


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starting this month, my ISP limiting torrent download speed to 15kb/s (my max. download rate is 50kb/s or ~400kbps).

my workaround for this speed limit is running another uTorrent instance with different proxy setting.

1 instance using direct connection as usual with maximum download rate 15kb/s, and the other is using SOCKS Proxy/Tor (include peer-to-peer connection) with download rate varied between 0-50kb/s (not yet capped by my ISP).

with this setup, i can maximize bandwidth usage.

the problem lies in Tor networks. sometimes they so SLOOOW or not even works. i had to add same torrent in "direct connection one" and resume from there (of course still with 15kb/s speed limit)

is there any way to tell uTorrent to use direct connection AND SOCKS Proxy simultaneously ??

or any way for me to use 1 instance only but still maximizing bandwidth usage ??

hopefully my post won't confuse anyone.

any help appreciated :)


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