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Using a VPN - DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange questions


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I've just signed up for a VPN and I've been looking into possible security/exposed IP threats. I'm using PPTP so I can have Windows Firewall setup to stop torrent traffic if my VPN disconnects. After poking around a few forums though (the VPN's customer support is non-existent) I've seen a lot of conflicting information regarding DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Peer Exchange and whether or not you should turn them off so I just want some clarification.

If uTorrent can only connect while my VPN is active will any of the three above expose my IP to anyone?

If my VPN is giving me an IP in Canada for example, will the Local Peers it collects be from my IP or the Canada IP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the quick reply, but just to be perfectly clear so I never have to bother anyone about this again:

1. Even if LPD only gathers from my local network, they'll only be able to see my VPN IP, correct?

2. And Peer exchange will still function while only revealing my VPN IP?

3. DHT poses no threat?

4. Unrelated but since I've got someone who knows what they're doing: Is there any way to configure OpenVPN to only run as a public network so my firewall setup will still work? Or configure it to kill a connection like the firewall does if the VPN drops off? I'd really like the added security but my connection is pretty unstable and I don't want my real IP going out every time it drops.

Thanks again!

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