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Directory weirdness and run program


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I have set up a number of RSS feeds. The torrents are not being moved to the folder specified for when the download completes.

I store the torrents in Y:\In progress while they are downloading, and specified that they are to be moved to Y:\Completed once they are finished. I have the "move from defaul location only" parameter ticked, but unticking it made no difference....

I have specified a program to be run after a torrent finished.

y:\movetorrent.exe "%F" "%L" "%N" "%D" "%K" >>torrents.txt

I have written program to scan the archives for virus (if multipart), to extract them, to finally to move all single and extracted files to a different location on a different drive, but this is never being executed (although, I can't find any utorrent log file). The program I write generates a log file of it's actions and that is not happening, that's why I say utorrent isn't running the program

Can anyone please assist.



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