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Utorrent stops internet after short download time


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Hey everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong forum (I'm fairly certain it isn't, though :P ) or if this topic has been done before. Excuse my n00bness

Anyway, I'm experiencing internet crashes whenever I download using utorrent for a prolonged period. Sometimes it's 30 mins or so, other times an hour (give or take in both cases, it's never at a specific time I'm just guessing). My internet just shows "Limited Connection" and of course, i can't view webpages. Because of this I can't download and seed at the same time, as it immediately causes the internet to switch to the "Limited Connection" message. It's solvable by just restarting the modem, but is there a permanent fix to this? By the way, I noticed this only happens when I download using utorrent.


Forgot to mention that this doesn't just apply to me. The "Limited Connectivity" sign appears on everyone's computers in the house, not just mine.

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