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3.1.3. Speed issues and crashing.


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I used to really enjoy an older version of uTorrent, but this latest one has been giving me lots of issues. I had lost my previous windows installation so I had to start fresh.

It seems my download speeds are very nice (around 1.2mb/sec) for the first 1-2minutes of opening uTorrent, and then it slows down to 10kb/sec. With the old version I had previously sometimes changing ports would get torrents going again, but now it has no effect. However I discovered shutting the program and re opening it got the speeds up again, but the issue re occurs after a minute or two once again.

I never had this issue before with previous windows installation and older uTorrent software.

I tried disabling PeerBlock and Ad-Aware firewalls but it still acts the same way.

I ran the CTRL G speed test it said my port is open and configured correctly (uTorrent had made an exception for me in my routers firewall already)

It says download speed is 1.7MB/Sec.

The other issue is that when rechecking files, it either never completes checking if there's allot of torrents being checked.

If I stop them, and try to do one at a time 'force recheck' it seems to freeze up, not respond, and I have to force close the application.

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Do yourself a favour and update to one of the 3.2 beta versions. The 3.1 series appears to have a lot of major issues judging by the posts on here, many of these appear to be sorted when users update to the 3.2 beta version. The bonus is that you can even choose which files you want to download before they load into utorrent.

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