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I have been using uTorrent for years, had issues with it here and there. Is it possible to overload uTorrent to an extent where it just crashes from having too much to do? I travel a lot and like to queue up a bunch of stuff to download in my leave. It just seems to me that this latest build of uTorrent doesn't appreciate this type of behavior one bit. I have about 100 things queued up. I have my connections doubled to 400 from 200, and my queuing at 50, 50 for total and downloading. For whatever reason, when I start uTorrent, in the DHT status at the bottom, it gets to around 100 nodes (login), then uTorrent just freezes and I have to close it from task manager. EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN IT. It is really getting old. I keep trying to throttle it back further and further, but it just seems like it is incapable of handling multiple connections now in build 3.1.3 whereas it easily got up to 600+ nodes in previous builds with no issues.

Any ideas?

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