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got upload but download speed is null?


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i am not sure why this happened. i was downloading a large file, 4 gig, on dsl getting anywhere from 10 kbs to 100 kbs. but last night, the down speed went to null. no value in that column at all.

i have about 76% download complete. dont want to start over again.

i shut down the computer and rebooted, but that didnt help.

i have the upload speed set at < 25kbs.

what's up with no down speed at all ?

thanks ahead for any help

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Thanks for the post. i am working my way thru the connection setup, step 1, configuring connection, went to utorrent connection test, the Bandwidth checked out ok with a green check mark, BUT, the network check came back with a yellow check mark and asterisk. Results were Port is not open( you are still able to download)?? (so i dont know if this matters since i am still able to download?) i have current port set as 23450 and checked is the box for Automatic Port Mapping. i paused Kaspersky AV to see it that would open up the port and i have connections checked such that it will configure windows firewall to allow passage.

i do think that it could be a port problem. occasionally, it will start to download but at a very slow rate, 1 kbs, and then quit after a minute or two.

I tried a broadband card i have to see if a different isp would make a difference. and it didnt.

any thoughts thus far on this condition?

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