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uTorrentRemote Web client: 503: Remote client returned an error


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I just started using a proxy (BTGuard.com) with my torrents and I seem to be having issues accessing my torrent box through the uTorrent Remote (Web client, not Android). I get the error: "503: Remote client returned an error" .

I am not sure if this is because the new proxy is causing complications, the service is down, or something else. I VNC into the box and uTorrent appears to be running fine and 'Enable uTorrent Remote Access' is checked. Status says Not Accessible, Reconnecting in...

Are there any issues using a proxy and the uTorrent web remote?

I searched the forums but was not able to find anything similar to my issue. I was also not sure to post this under the Remote forum or under the Troubleshooting forum. Please feel free to move if not in the right place.

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.

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