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torrent teamwork - you want to download the torrent? so do I


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i have noticed that the peers that connect to me to download from me also get asked by my client to download, but i see only the little 'd' in the flags - meaning that they have choked themselves. is it possible to change the protocols so that you can upload to everyone you are downloading from - everyone gets a reservation (and a higher priority) whether they use it or not. this also encourages the torrent to get downloaded by more people as your client will hold it in priority.

of course there is a flipside and that is that if you only run bit torrent to download then the other torrents you have will be neglected. im writing this because i seem to have alot of people downloading from me but i dont get anything in return and nobody seems to be uploading to me - so i would be happy with even low speed - so if this gets implimented i know that at least my torrent will get done.

and this might start a new chapter.... once clients get switched over, and my client knows it can download from someone if it wants to, then we can tell if people are downloading and not uploading. and we can add a new flag to the list: we know you are not file sharing...

Edit: i think i may have found whats going on... ive downloaded nearly 2gig and have uploaded 1 gig. so maybe i am getting throttled because im not getting many people download from me (it is a bit of an old torrent- a tv series) so i guess this may be as good as i am going to get, unless there is something else going on....


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