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Questions concerning using TorrentPrivacy VPN with utorrent


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I am trying to setup VPN with utorrent 3.1.3.

I setup VPN on win7.

I entered utorrent under preferences->connection->

Proxy server type is socks5, proxy:, port 26268 already set.

Do I need to change the above server type, proxy, and port?

Do the above settings mean utorrent is connected to the VPN already automatically after detecting a VPN connection?

Do I check all the boxes (even the authentication?) like in this photo?: http://www.howtogeek.com/76801/how-t...rrent-traffic/

Sorry I am pretty new at this. I googled around that is how I found that link.

When i have the VPN connected, I don't see any peers and I am not downloading. also. What did I do wrong and what is the usual speed decrease when using vpn?

I will also like to note I am using TP Bittorrent Anonymizer with the VPN.

I also noticed that when I didn't use the VPN and was just using TP Bittorrent anonymizer, it kept on losing connection. Does this ususally happen or is it because I am also using peerblock? I closed peerblock. going to see if that solves the losing connection problem.

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