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Removable disk issue.


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I believe this issue results in seeding corrupt data.

1. I Started downloading a torrent on an external drive.

2. I shutdown the computer and disconnected the drive.

3. Started up again without drive.

4. I Right clicked open containing folder and advanced - Set download location. (In hopes to see where the torrent was set to download to)

(I'm a little unclear on steps 5 and 6, somehow the files were allocated to the internal drive in the default download location)

5. I was lead to believe that I was downloading to the internal drive because the "open containing folder" command showed me the the default internal drive download location.

6. I believe that the I saw the "invalid download state, try resuming" and (most likely) stopped the torrent and did a hash check or (less likely) clicked resume.

7. The torrent stated it was 0% downloaded. (I realized that I started it on the external hard drive)

(reconected external drive)

8. Set the download location back to my external drive. Clicking "no" when asking to overwrite my files.

9. Did a hash check.

10. Finished downloading.

11. Shut down workstation disconnected my drive.

12. Started uTorrent back up and uTorrent started seeding the files from the internal drive. Calming they were 100% downloaded.

13. Did a hash check and it went back to 0%

I hope this helps. I love uTorrent. Thank you.

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It is not a bug : you HAVE to connect external disk before launching microTorrent ; launch at win start up must be unchecked in order to operate ; start-icon clicked, the torrent in error condition resumes, but only if removable hdd is reachable ; force-check is not necessary!!!

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