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Very slow DL and UL, also getting the 11001 error at the speed test


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I'm horribly new with utorrent/any kinds of torrents so i will apologize in advance if i may have overlooked something, however i read most stickies, searched for hours and nothing really helped me.

My highest download speed was about 40kb/s and upload 3.5kb/s...that's not even close to my normal download speed or the values i got from several speed tests on the webs(1.8mb/s~ and 550kb/s) and i haven't found a solution to this so far. Also whenever i do the speed test of utorrent, my ports seem to be perfect, however i always get the 11001 error saying that the host can't be found(roughly translated).

I honestly don't have any clue what to do anymore. Would be glad about any kind of help(would be even better if you could explain it very accurately because, as i already said, im hella new to this :S)

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